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Balancing Multiple Roles

Have you ever stopped to think about how many roles you play in your life? Roles within your personal life and also in the professional realm? Perhaps you are a daughter, sister, granddaughter, wife, mother, aunt… or a son, brother, grandson, husband, father, uncle, cousin… friend, godparent, and the list goes on... And that’s just in your personal life. What about a work? Most of us have jobs where we play multiple roles each day. For instance, not long ago, I was a hospital clinician, a researcher on an NIH funded study, and a supervisor to clinical psychology doctoral students doing their practicum training at just one job! With each role we play comes a different list of duties and responsibilities. How do we find balance in juggling these multiple roles? 

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Setting Intentions to Live By

Many folks create a list of New Year’s Resolutions, aimed at addressing the guilt, surfeit, and over-indulgence of the holiday season. One sees the results in increased gym memberships, the purchase of sports equipment, a run on self-help books, and planners that include personal, emotional and professional goals. Most resolutions last about two weeks (for the die-hards, about a month) before motivation is extinguished because life got in the way. This is frequently going to happen. Do you recall your resolutions from last year, and did you accomplish them? That’s what I thought, and, same here.

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