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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to guide you to reach your fullest potential by taking a holistic approach in psychotherapy. We believe that wellness is attained by addressing the mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to provide a trusting therapeutic relationship to each client, as it is an essential framework to facilitate self awareness, healing, and personal evolution.


News & Upcoming Events


Wellness WednesdayS SERIES (free)
EVERY WED from 7:00pm to 8:00pm

A variety of free classes taught and led our team and other local wellness professionals every Wednesday at 7:00pm. Each class is an optional donation class for the featured charity of the month.

The Del Ray PSyCH Blog

The Del Ray Psych team blogs weekly about the theme of the month. Read more to find out their insights on “Face Your Fears"….

Charity of the Month

Friends of Guest House helps women successfully reenter the Northern Virginia community from incarceration



We provide holistic psychotherapy and use a variety of techniques including cogntive behavioral therapy (CBT), experiential therapy, EMDR, mindfulness, hypnosis, and energy psychology to guide individuals towards healing. 



Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis with the deliberate goal of going beyond relaxation to promote health and healing.  Hypnotherapy is an effective way to access the subconscious mind in order to bring conscious awareness on how to change unwanted habits and behaviors. It can be useful in gaining  and develop insight regarding the root of one’s problems.


Health & Nutritional Counseling

Our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches work with individuals and groups in a client-centered process to facilitate and empower the client to achieve self-determined goals related to health and wellness. 


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