About Us


We are a vibrant and energetic group of clinical psychologists, therapists, and wellness professionals located in the Del Ray area of Alexandria, VA. We are passionate about guiding adolescents and adults on their personal journeys of growth and transformation. through a holistic approach. 

We bring a variety of experiences and techniques to our treatment approaches such as mindfulness meditation, cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, art therapy, and nutritional counseling. Find out more about our team


Our Philosophy


We believe that each individual has the capacity to reach personal fulfillment, authenticity, and optimal well-being. We believe that addressing the mind, body, and spirit, is essential for promoting self awareness, healing, personal empowerment, and transformation. We believe that an authentic and trusting therapeutic relationship is an essential for creating an environment in which change can begin to take place. We are also committed to increasing awareness of healing through connection, community, and acts of charity. 

Our Team


Our team of psychotherapists and wellness experts are here to help guide you.