How Does Gratitude Benefit Well Being?

In searching for information on the ways that gratitude enhances well-being, I discovered a comprehensive and interesting article titled, The Benefits of Gratitude: 28 Questions Answered Thanks to Gratitude, The author, Courtney Ackerman, lists 5 domains affected positively by gratitude. I have devoted a paragraph to each. It becomes apparent that cultivating this attitude benefits not only the individual, but also expands to all  one comes into contact with.

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Holiday Help

A little help over the holidays?  Now that’s something we can all be grateful for!  

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, many of us are preparing to spend time with family and loved ones. Although this time of year can be filled with joy, many of my clients have expressed anxiety around confronting the toxic nature of their families.

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mindfulnessKristin Schmittel
Tis the season... ...for GRATITUDE challenges!

As you enter the holiday season, chances are, you bring with you a myriad of thoughts, expectations, and emotional responses based on your current mental focus. During a time in which we are encouraged and reminded to reflect on expressing gratitude and appreciation for the gifts and blessings in life, we may also be struggling to understand or accept the discomfort that might also accompany this time of year, depending on your circumstances. Without awareness, this dichotomy can easily increase stress responses, amping up our anxiety while we prepare ourselves for uncomfortable conversations that have yet to be had or elicit feelings of sadness as the recognition that an ideal circumstance may not be possible begins to settle in our minds.

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Mindfulness for Anxiety

Today, the the focus is on ways to incorporate a mindfulness based practice to reduce anxiety.  We all experience feelings of fear or anxiety in various points in our life but for some these become problematic when they increase in frequency, intensity, and duration to degrees that become disruptive in daily living.

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Rest, Renew, Rejuvenate... If you’re reading this, chances are you’re well aware of the benefits of applying these principles. Yet, how many of us are actually intentional in practicing the steps necessary in attaining adequate rest in order to gain a true sense of renewal and to honestly feel rejuvenated,

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Amy Begnal