New Year's Resolutions

It’s officially the season of new beginnings and transformation.

What is your #1 health goal for 2019?

In the spirit of new years resolutions; I would love to talk about the power of language.  Rather than setting super specific goals and declaring you will start new habits; what if you changed the language to: “I will honor myself and create a new ritual because____________.” The truth is…most resolutions don’t stick long term.


We often decide to make changes without addressing our underlying beliefs, trauma and emotions AND we lack a strong WHY.  In order to truly transform and create new rituals that become engrained in our everyday lives, we must first identify our WHY. Why do you want to lose 10 pounds? WHY do you want to meditate daily? The power is in your WHY.  When you’re having a hard day (and expect that you WILL have hard days); how do you make sure that you continue to create your new ritual without falling pray to old habits? You tap into YOUR WHY. Why is it so important to you? It will give you the healing power to keep going.

Next, what are your beliefs about yourself? 

Most of you reading this know how to eat healthy. We live in a time of unlimited access to information, books and science yet we are still struggling. We rarely talk about the things that get in the way of doing what we know is best for us. We don’t talk about our hustle for worthiness that becomes our default in everyday life preventing us from moving forward and healing ourselves.  Many of us have struggled or do struggle with the “I’m not good enough” pattern.  When we are trying to abstain from certain foods or substances without identifying and healing our underlying limiting beliefs about ourselves/having a spiritual practice/personal development practice; we will eventually fail, beat ourselves for failing, and continue the cycle until we break ourselves free with self-love and compassion. I see this everyday in my private practice. I have experienced this firsthand myself. I truly believe this is the main area to focus on when changing eating behaviors and creating a life of joy, health and gratitude.

Cheers to new rituals, new intentions, new beginnings, new transformation, new patterns, new depth of compassion and self-love.