Holistic nutrition consults

“Krystal has a gentle, wise and pleasant way of understanding her client’s needs and helps you find the motivation within yourself to implement those changes.”

- Christie Burns

Individual Session: $135

A one-hour comprehensive session for new and existing clients. You may choose to schedule one session at a time or invest in the program outlined below.

Individual Session Includes:

  • One 60-min consult w/ one email follow-up

  • Complete Health Assessment & identifying underlying health conditions and/or nutrient deficiencies

  • Written recommendations for your nutrition, lifestyle, supplement & mindset plan.


Mommy On-the-Go Program: $499 ($125 per session)

The Mommy On-the-Go Program is designed specifically for on-the-go moms who want better health, energy, mood and balance. If you’re ready to completely revitalize your health and mindset and need consistent guidance + accountability to create new healthy habits while also nourishing your family; then this is the program for you!

This program includes:

  • 4 one-hour comprehensive sessions

  • Complete health assessment & identifying underlying health conditions and/or nutrient deficiencies. May include lab requests from your doctor.

  • Weekly written recommendations for your nutrition, lifestyle, supplement & mindset plan.

  • Weekly accountability email check-ins & text support

  • Meal plans, recipes, shopping guides

Mommy Sugar Detox Program: $149

This 14-day program is designed to jumpstart healthy eating & fat loss, eliminate toxins, boost metabolism, strengthen the digestive & immune system, reduce inflammation & pain, gain energy. Includes a detailed detox booklet (pdf) with meal plans, recipes, and tips, unlimited email/text check-ins during the 14-day detox and “Mommy Sugar Detox” FB group support. Enrolling now!

Holistic Nutrition Consults include:

  • Complete Health Assessment

  • Identifying underlying health conditions & nutrient deficiencies

  • Management of chronic health conditions: autoimmune conditions, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, digestive disorders, pain & inflammation, migraines, PMS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, weight.

  • Recommendations & analyzing of labs from medical doctor

  • Whole-food nutrition plans personalized for you and your family

  • Gentle body, mind, emotion & environmental cleansing

  • Stress Management tools

  • Holistic tools: meditation, mindfulness, journaling, essential oils, personal development, deep breathing, reiki

  • Professional-grade supplements (if necessary)

  • Meal planning, shopping & efficient preparing

  • How to guide your children to eat what you eat & include meals the whole family will love

  • Accountability, inspiration, guidance and health education


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