Holistic Nutrition Consults

“Krystal has a gentle, wise and pleasant way of understanding her client’s needs and helps you find the motivation within yourself to implement those changes.”

- Christie Burns

Initial Nutrition Consultation (90 minutes): $145

This 90-minute comprehensive session is designed to cultivate better health, energy, mood and balance in your life. The initial consult can be utilized as a one-time session to gain the information and expertise you need to start or clarify your nutrition & lifestyle plan OR you can choose a more comprehensive and supportive package focused on healing underlying health conditions, which includes a holistic coaching approach. See follow-up sessions and package offerings below.

Initial Nutrition Consultation Includes:

  • Complete health assessment & identifying underlying health conditions and/or nutrient deficiencies

  • Written recommendations for your personalized and detailed nutrition, lifestyle, supplement & mindset plan.

  • Includes one e-mail check-in

Follow-Up Nutrition Session: $100

A follow-up session is 60-minutes and can includes holistic nutrition coaching as well as reiki energy clearing and balancing (optional). Krystal combines several healing modalities to personalize an on-going program that is sustainable and transformative for YOU.

*Existing Del Ray Psych & Wellness clients receive a 15% discount.

Follow-Up Package (4 sessions): $380

Follow-Up Package (8 Sessions): $760

If you’re ready to completely revitalize your health and mindset and need consistent guidance + accountability to create new healthy habits & routines; then this is the program for you.

If you are tired of feeling tired, burned out from life’s demands, yo-yo dieting, re-living the same old patterns over and over and you are READY to create a new level of energy, vitality, awareness and break free of health conditions holding you back; then I want to be the expert, the healer, the light that guides you on your health journey.

This program includes:

  • 8 one-hour comprehensive sessions (may also include reiki energy balancing)

  • Complete health assessment & identifying underlying health conditions and/or nutrient deficiencies. May include lab requests from your doctor.

  • Weekly written recommendations for your nutrition, lifestyle, supplement & mindset plan.

All Nutrition Consults include:

  • Complete Health Assessment

  • Identifying underlying health conditions & nutrient deficiencies

    • Management of chronic health conditions:

      • autoimmune conditions

      • high cholesterol

      • high blood pressure

      • hypothyroidism

      • digestive disorders: SIBO, IBS, Crohn’s, bloating, constipation

      • diabetes

      • MTHFR gene mutation

      • pain & inflammation

      • migraines

      • PMS, infertility & hormone imbalances

      • fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue

      • arthritis

      • weight maintenance

  • Recommendations & analyzing of labs from medical doctor

  • Whole-food nutrition plans personalized for you and your family

  • Gentle body, mind, emotion & environmental cleansing

  • Stress Management tools

  • Holistic tools: meditation, mindfulness, journaling, essential oils, personal development, deep breathing, reiki

  • Professional-grade supplements (if necessary)

  • Meal planning, shopping & efficient preparing

  • Accountability, inspiration, guidance and health education

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Office Recharge: $135/hour

Recharge your work day with reiki energy healing, aromatherapy, meditation, mindfulness and quick nutrition and/or lifestyle tips. Studies show that reiki reduces stress, anxiety and depression while allowing the body to facilitate its own healing capabilities. Reiki restores balance in the body and mind and will leave you and your teammates feeling ready to crush your work day with increased productivity, efficiency and a positive mood. What’s the best part? WE TRAVEL TO YOUR LOCATION (If within a 10 mile radius). All services can be lengthened if desired. The current program is designed for efficiency at the workplace, and we are happy to accommodate your company’s individual needs.

Office recharge includes:

  • Beginning with 3-5 minute group guided meditation

  • 15-20 minutes of reiki with aromatherapy per individual/employee

  • Wrapping up with 1-2 quick & easy nutrition or lifestyle tips to enhance your well-being